Our Story


Phil Lam

With a knack for DJ'ing and photography, I combined my entrepreneurial attributes with those of my partner Dan. Together we pursue weddings and corporate events, always looking for something new and interesting. As a professional dancer I am very particular about my body composition, constantly striving to preserve choreography by capturing real emotions and real expressions.

Clients have described us as professionals yet still down to earth. We are constantly turning our clients into friends. I want to aspire future photographers and entrepreneurs with my work and leave an imprint much like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society - inspirational and unorthodox to the very end.




Daniel Chan

I learned how to use an SLR film camera when I was 5 and I still miss the mechanical nature of analog cameras. From excelling in my high school media communications class to getting my diploma in video and film production, I have always enjoyed creating new content for my viewers. My choice of pacing and framing in shots can be traced to stereotypical influences - Hong Kong cinema, Star Wars and Japanese Anime.

I enjoy architecture and picking up new skills like carpentry and cooking and strive to be a guest speaker on TED someday - to push forward human curiosity and learning. My tell tale traits are loyalty and hard work - both of which I pour into having our clientele appreciate the beauty we overlook everyday - the finer moments in our lives.


Sterling Colangelo

Sterling developed his love of music at an early age. As a child, he was a gifted pianist, demonstrating incredible talent and a natural ear for rhythm and harmony. Unfortunately, his dexterity was compromised due to a mass growing in his spinal cord. After enduring multiple surgeries and rehabilitation, he returned to his passion for music.

Sterling’s natural musical talent was quickly recognized and he was soon performing with celebrity DJs such as 4Korners (Toronto Raptors DJ), Hydee and Mark Oliver.

You may catch Sterling performing at many popular night club venues all over the GTA such as Luxy, &Co, Gravity Sound Bar, Cirqus, Toika, On the Rox, Rich, Time, Tryst.

Now, Sterling is available for bookings through Champagne Nights for your event needs!